E C S C is often called to remove and properly disinfect areas affected by pigeons, rats, mice, cockroaches and other rodents and/or insects that unfortunately often live in our homes and businesses. We are one of the only companies in California offering rat, mouse, pigeon and other rodent droppings removal. There are dozens of diseases that can be found in these droppings (see chart below). Most of the time the threat is exagerated, but in certain cases, there is a real threat. 

E C S C can quickly and effectively remove these droppings as well as disinfect the involved areas. From attics to basements and garages, there is no areas of a home or business that we can't completely clean and disinfect. Call for a free inspection and estimate.

Often times a pigeons nest or roost is the area of biggest concern. Over several years pigeon droppings can accumulate and bacteria as well as parasites can be present. Even if the droppings are dried over long periods of time the danger is still present. Diseases can be contageous through the air or direct contact. Caution should be used when around areas with heavy droppings, especially in a poorly ventilated areas such as attics.

The photos to the right show typical pigeon and rat infestations. Signs to look for if you think you have a problem are:

Small black oblong droppings along walls and floor.
Walls and pipes where rats and mice frequently travel will have a dirty brown oily coat on them.
You will often find small knaw marks on just about anything, especially food contaners and packaging.

Obvious bird droppings.
Pigeons usually will perch on the highest point of a home or business.
Nests/roosts can be large or small.